The refined home exchange community



Share your high-end second home with like-minded owners and get access to a wider world.

SPHERE Travel Club redefined the home exchange concept. Our members enjoy full flexibility by choosing when and where they travel.



Apply for membership by sending us a short description of your second home


Join the community and open your house to the other members when you don't use it


Book your next escape right-away, fly off to another second home and travel the world


Trustful & hand-picked members

All our members are owners themselves and individually selected by us - which is unique in the second home market. They know how to behave in a second home.


Choose where you go, regardless of who stays in your second home. Enjoy total flexibility thanks to our points system named "Pearls".

Financial advantage

Why pay for staying in a holiday home if you already own one? With SPHERE save the rent when you go on holiday, pay only the service you get. 

Seize the moment!

Book your next holiday with your Pearls as soon as you commit your property weeks – no need to wait until someone stays in your home.

Make your property work for you

SPHERE Travel Club is complementary to rental. We offer you a whole new way of getting more from your property!


SPHERE properties are all managed on a human scale. Our members own:


Second homes 

Profitability properties

Boutique hotels

Guest houses

We choose properties based on our "coup de coeur".


Nonetheless, there are 4 conditions every home needs to meet to join SPHERE Travel Club community:


Refined decoration

Modern equipment

Very well-kept

Good location



To determine how many Pearls you receive for your house, we have created an algorithm that takes into account a hundred criteria that will make your holiday memorable: the type of property, its location and design, but also elements such as a swimming pool, a barbecue, a garden, a games room and many more. We add the seasonality factor into the equation, depending on when the property is made available to members: very high and high season, or rest of the year. 


For example, an 8-person villa  in the Algarve is worth:


10 pearls in the very high season 

5 pearls in the high season 

3 pearls during the rest of the year 


(Indicative value)

A stay of one week is worth between 1 and 14 pearls, with a SPHERE commission which varies between 100 and 1400 €, depending on quality of the property and the season.



SPHERE Travel Club was created by two friends who are passionate about travelling. As they shared a good dinner with family and friends, they recalled their fondest memories of their holidays and realized that many of them are linked to stays in family homes.


The atmosphere was always joyful and carefree, without the constraints of a hotel. No schedule, just the desire to spend special moments with the people dear to their hearts.


Several images appeared: people laughing around a big table, children having fun in the pool, lively conversations over a glass of wine, visits to the village market, these small restaurants by the sea where you return year after year...


For the founders of SPHERE Travel Club, these memories symbolize the ideal holidays. These are unique moments that are remembered years later. Dorian told Jessica that his relatives often exchanged homes so that they could visit other places while staying in the kind of comfort they loved so much.


 That is how the idea of SPHERE Travel Club emerged. Why not expand the circle of friends with other trusted owners who share the love of beauty and travel?


Jessica Lenga 


Dorian Kronenwerth


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